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Film review

Fév 6, 2024

We watched a film entitled “Living”, it’s a remake of a 1952’s Japanese movie of the same name. It was published in November 2022 in the United Kingdom and was realized by Olivier Hermanus. The actors are Bill NIGHY, Aimee Lou WOOD and Alex SHARP.
We’re in the 1950’s at the end of the Second World War. The principal character, Williams is an civil servant in an administrative system of a city that must rebuild itself from the war. His life is flat and without real goal. But when he learns that he has cancer he will question himself and will fully live his life.
His main goal before he died was to create a children’s play park. It really made him happy. It left an image of him as an obstinate person.

The main part of the film turns around him and how a tragic news can change someone’s way of life. In addition, this allowed us to see the evolution of the mentality of Williams and the image he had and the image he left.

From my point of view, I found this story really sad, but I think he wanted to send us a message through this interpretation. We must live our life to the fullest and at the moment as not to have regrets before we die or to be physically unable to achieve something that was close to our heart.

As a conclusion, the film tells us not to procrastinate and to live in the present moment and not to have regrets.