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BTS Accounting and management

Graduate degree

The HNC in Accounting and Management is a graduate degree that gives in-depth skills in accounting technique and business management.
The holder of this diploma works in accounting, commercial, industrial firms, in banks, insurance companies, administrations, management centres or various organisations…
He must have a good grasp of current IT tools and must update his knowlege in legal, economic, social, financial and tax fields, using monitoring tools.


Internship requirements for a bts accounting and management

For the student

  • To discover the company, its economic, legal, managing and technological environment, and understand how the firm functions.
  • To discover the different available positions in accounting and management within a company.
  • To perform management and accounting activities using specialized softwares thanks to the tutor’s help.
  • To keep updated, observe, question in order to gather all the necessary elements to achieve the tasks they would be given and prepare the record of their work placement.

For the company

  • To welcome the student within the company, make them feel part of the working team and be a strong asset in their tasks.
  • To make sure the student is fully integrated, makes their best and gets involved in the different given tasks.
  • To make sure that they are properly trained.
  • To adapt the students’ activities to their level and the expected objectives of the internship
  • To facilitate an access to professional information   
  • To get them in touch with the « job », its requirements, its purpose in a practical manner

For the school

  • To get both a succinct presentation and a description of the tasks the student would have accomplished during the 6 weeks internship.
  • To ensure, through a visit within the company and during which the teacher will compulsorily meet : the tutor, the student, the student adapts properly

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Après un bac professionnel en Gestion et Administration au Lycée du Kreisker à Saint Pol de Léon, je me suis dirigée vers un BTS Comptabilité et Gestion au Sup’ Javouhey puis une fois mon diplôme obtenu, je suis rentrée dans la vie active et j’ai obtenu le poste d’assistante comptable en CDI.

Cette formation m’a permis d’acquérir des compétences en comptabilité.

Les professeurs au sein du Sup’ Javouhey sont disponibles pour les élèves et nous procure une aide personnalisée.

Le nouvel environnement de travail l’ISS donne un caractère plus professionnel aux cours.

Delphine GUEZENNEC, ancienne élève en BTS Comptabilité et Gestion